Sunday, November 4, 2012

Immersion Blenders

I have to be upfront with my readers I work with Miallegro which makes one of the best Immersion Blenders on the Market. It was tested by Consumer Reports and here is a video so you can see how the Miallegro MiTutto 9090 Immersion Blender did.     The video tells you everything you need to know and why to buy the Miallegro Immersion Blender!

The Immersion Blender market is growing at a very fast rate.Finding the right unit for you will allow you to make your cooking life a little more fun.

Miallegro is also a sponsor for a cooking show on Lifetime Network. New episodes start 11/9/2012. Please tune in. We will also have many big announcements in the near future.  

I am also going to be showing you how a Immersion Blender will make you life easier and more tasty. I know Tasty sound kind of lame but I excel at being a little lame.

Please let me know if you have any questions on Immersion Blenders.

Also check it out at Hayneedle here is the link:


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